Beverage Grade CO2 Filling While You Wait 

20lb $60

15lb $50

Co2 Filling Calgary

Majestic Hydrotest & Fire Extinguisher Services Inc

10lb $45

2.5lb $30

Majestic Hydrotest & Fire Extinguisher Services Inc is a Transport Canada and Intertek certified hydrostatic testing facility and cylinder requalifier.  We use computer controlled hydrostatic testing equipment capable of testing from 2500-9000 psi.  Our large test jacket can accommodate up to 22" in diameter and 66" tall.  We also offer CO2 filling, proof testing, UN cylinder testing, acetylene tank recertification, fire extinguisher sales and service.  

1.5lb $20

Co2 Filling Calgary

We refill beverage grade CO2 in all cylinder sizes. Prior to filling we will also perform a visual inspection on your cylinder for any defects or damage. We are Transport Canada certified to hydro test your cylinder if its past it's 5 year hydrotest date. We also stock a wide variety of CO2 valves, o-rings and cylinders for sale.

Co2 Filling Calgary
Co2 Filling Calgary

5lb $35